SBYC Race Committee Class on March 31st

The SBYC will host the first of a three part Race Committee Class that will cover all aspects of managing and running sailboat races and regattas.  The format is fun and informative and is geared to everyone from rank beginners to seasoned sailing people.

Having a competent and well manned race committee is extremely important in developing and running any race program.  Well run races encourage more and better competition.

This class is free and is open to anyone who is serious about learning and being a part of a race committee.  The SBYC is actively seeking volunteers to help run its races and regattas throughout the summer.  As a member of the race committee you are guaranteed to have fun and be in the center of all the action.  It’s a great (and free) way to get out on the water.

The class is a 3 part series with each week building on information from the previous week.  While it is possible to come and join in to a later class, participants will get the most benefit if they attend all three classes.

So put March 31st, April 14th, and April 28th into your calendars.  The classes begin at 6:30 pm in the SBYC clubroom at the John Wayne Marina building.

Race Committee

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